What can you expect from our program?

Enrolment at Little Star begins at 30 months. When children first enter the environment, they are introduced to the practical life area where they perform exercises that teach them preliminary skills, which can be used both inside and outside the classroom. Some activities include washing a table, dusting, transferring, sweeping, washing hands, use of the various dressing frames and grace and courtesy exercises. Sensorial activities are also introduced where children learn to work with their senses. Activities in both these areas serve as a foundation for further work they’ll encounter ahead. Sound games are introduced as spoken language. In the math area, children are introduced to the concept of numbers 1 – 10, 0 and odd and even numbers.

At age four, children are introduced to more complex exercises in practical life and sensorial. Sandpaper letters are presented to children, where letter sounds are introduced. Children develop muscular memory of how each letter is written. Further practice for writing is given through writing on chalkboards and worksheets. Once children have learned most letter sounds, moveable alphabets are presented where children use letter sounds to form words phonetically. Once the child is ready to read, the phonetic object box is introduced along with pink reading boxes. Math exercises are more advanced where children work with the decimal system, learning place values, how to form and read large numbers and perform addition and subtraction operations. Multiplication and division is also introduced, provided the child is ready.

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